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    Inspiring People—LuvArt Shoes

    Art has various forms and has been used historically to express emotions creatively in the form of music theatre etc. It also identifies the uniqueness of any culture. Artists transform their feelings and passion onto the canvas. The transformation of those ideas onto canvas by artists to express their feelings speaks volumes about how innovative humans can be. In addition, to have that variety and uniqueness in each of the creation requires so much creativity and nothing on earth is more creative than nature itself.

    LuvArt Shoes Art Inspired Footwear Create Inspire GiveAt LuvArt Shoes, the canvas I use are the shoes. Strange right! But I want people to walk around the globe with the artwork ensemble on their shoes flaunting the creativity of nature displayed through various combinations and a mixture of primary colors-red, yellow, blue, black and white. I try to pick out the perfect combination and amount of basic colors to achieve the eye-catching combination to convince the audience to exhibit their love for art. Through the gradient of colors, that match your daily needs as well as the major percentage of your wardrobe collection LuvArt Shoes tries to speak for your personality and moods as well. The passion to provide what you may really need ultimately comes from nature, as it is the case for the other artists. Nature works in a co-dependent way to maintain its uniqueness.  LuvArt stylishly and passionately displays that uniqueness through the artwork it presents.

    Also, to understand the co-dependence, passion cannot just be limited within a boundary. Passion has to grow and have some purpose, then it must spread via some means.  So, just like you come to view our artwork to match your needs, there are others out there on streets, in charity homes and maybe next door trying to reach out to you and for you to understand their needs. LuvArt Shoes expects you to realize their needs and help the LuvArt team in reaching out to them for you. Help us in making the slightest difference in the world, if possible, by contributing in our donation efforts from time to time and sharing your ideas. Help us in growing our passion with your donations.