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    Customize your own Canvas Slip-Ons, Zipper Tote & Drawstring bags

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    LuvArt Shoes is all about being creative, inspiring others and giving back. Express yourself with a personalized pair of slip-on shoes, canvas tote bag or canvas drawstring bag. Easy as click, upload, design and check-out. 

    * Expect shipment within 10-15 Days depending on item purchased and location of delivery. 


    Will my product be printed exactly how I designed them?
    Of course— your design, your one-of-a-kind product.

    * Important. Colors can vary between monitors, tablets and smart phones. The color you see on your monitor, tablet or smart phone may not be exactly the same as the color printed on our printers.

    Can I get help with my order or design?
    We are here to help you. Simply email us at

    Need help with your design, send us your photo and we will design your shoe, or bag for free. Please keep in mind we will only mock up a design no more than 3 times for you. You will then need to sign off of the design before it goes to printing.

    Can I upload any design or photos? And what type file will work best.
    We reserve the right to refuse any order based on inappropriate language, nudity or trademark infringements.

    File formats of JPG, PNG files work best. You can also create your own designs as well. Please make sure they are at least 1500 x 2000 in pixel size in creating your own images.

    Upload issues with my phone, tablet or computer?
    Any issues with uploading you can always contact with any questions.

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