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    Philanthropist & Artist Elliott Aaron From has made helping those in need a cornerstone of his life’s mission. It has been evident in his work for the past 11 years as sales of his artwork has helped raise over $3.75 million dollars for non-profits.

    Tricia Schwaba has studied the human body through Body Work and Yoga for the last 25 years. Her work has led her to a deeper understanding of Holistic Healing, a great part of which is knowing that we need to help others to fully & completely heal ourselves.

    Power of Art to Walk Across the World

    Together Elliott and Tricia have created LuvArt Shoes inspiring others to give back. Their vision includes the transferring of dramatic shape & color of original artwork to mens, women's footwear.

    LuvArt Shoes partners with
    LuvArt Shoes gives $1 from every shoe order to support Arts Education.
    When you purchase a pair of LuvArt Shoes you have an opportunity to positively impact the life of people across the globe. By donating a pair of gently used shoes (or a new pair just purchased!) to Soles4Souls, that donated pair becomes currency for empowerment, by putting those shoes on the feet of someone who may have none. The donation process is a simple and FREE. Please visit our Donate page for more info.
    Please contact LuvArt Shoes at Response within 24 hours.