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    In the event your product is damaged or defective, you must contact LuvArt Shoes within (5) days of receipt of the damaged or defective product and you must provide reasonable proof to us of such damage or defect.

    LuvArt Shoes will promptly review your correspondence in order to determine whether such damage or defect warrants a new Product sent to you at no additional cost. LuvArt Shoes will inform you of its decision to approve or deny your request for a new product along with an explanation of its decision. The decision shall be final and binding without recourse. 

    We Strive for 100% Satisfaction / One-Time FREE EXCHANGE
    Our shoes are made-to order, uniquely designed and therefore not refundable. We do offer a one-time FREE Exchange. If you shoes do not fit, we will send you another pair FREE of Charge. Only thing we ask of you is to please send the shoes that do not fit back to us. We will kindly email you a shipping label for you to send back your shoes. Exchanges will only happen within 5 days of receipt of your shoes. Keep in mind we do know when you receive your shoes via shipping.

    If your order is damaged, email us within 5 days of receiving your shoes, and we will do everything we can to get it right.

    Please contact LuvArt Shoes at We will respond within 24 hours.


    Expect your LuvArt Shoes product within 10-20 Days depending on product purchased. Apparel items ship faster than bags and shoes. LuvArt Shoes and bags are custom made and printed just for you. It's worth the wait time. Expedited shipping charges are extra. All items on site are made to order and not pre-done ahead of time. Please allow allotted time for delivery. Thank you very much for your order.


    Shipping your old pair of shoes is even easier when you ship FREE with Zappos. Zappos Shoes will ship your donated shoes to Soles4Souls for FREE. The instructions for Zappos are as follows: Please include a LuvArt Shoes Donor Form in every box that you plant to ship to Soles4Souls. Each box can weigh no more than 50lbs, but you can ship as many boxes as you wish! Once you are all boxed up with donor forms included you can get started with Zappos shipping by heading over to  

     Create an account or Log in to your Zappos or account and accept the Terms and Conditions
     Print your special prepaid shipping label or have it emailed to your email address associated with your account
     You will receive a notification asking “would you like another shipping label?” you can click yes as many times as you need – each box must weigh less than 50 lbs
     Attach the label and drop off your box at any UPS Store and ship shoes to Soles4Souls!
     Check your email for your discount code to use on your next order
    (Please note these restrictions: Donors cannot ship boxes over 50 lbs (surcharge will accure), Donorscannot request a pick up and must drop off to a local shipper, Donors cannot ship palletized donations, Donors cannot photo copy shipping label; must get authentic label each time (they can literally get as many as they want but they can’t be photocopied), Shipping is only valid within the U.S.)